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Our Mission

To provide a "sacred space" where children, families, and the community can explore Montessori in an wholistic, empowering, and authentic way. Also, creating space for the child to see themselves powerfully standing in the world at their highest potential.

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Our Motto

"Awakening the natural genius of every child."


Our Story

Sadula Rose was born out of a full-circle experience between two African-American women here in Buffalo, NY. Our story started 20 years ago when I was a parent looking for a school for my children. I met a beautiful-spirited Montessori educator who eventually taught my children, my co-founder Mariyama. My views around education changed, I began to realize that the "traditional" way of teaching my children was not the only way, nor was it fully serving the needs of my children. My views in regards to education were forever changed. In 2006 I left journalism to become a Montessori teacher myself. Mariyama and I kept in touch over the years. We often visioned about starting our own Montessori school. We dreamed of starting a school that would fully serve our children, give them a voice, allow them to be fully seen, and reverence their innate genius that they are born with. When I learned about the Wildflower Foundation I enlisted Mariyama immediately to join me in creating Sadula Rose. We have been on this journey the past couple of years to bring a unique, authentic, and culturally relevant approach to Montessori for our community- hence the birth of Sadula Rose Montessori School.

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Our Teacher Leaders

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Angelica Adisa

Founding Teacher Leader and Primary Guide

Angelica is a native of Buffalo, NY. She attended Leonardo da Vinci High School and received her B.A. in Communication from University at Buffalo State College. Angelica’s knowledge and early Montessori experience began as a parent of a Montessori child over 20 years ago. This early experience eventually influenced her to transition from a career in Journalism to Montessori.  Her early curiosity in Montessori philosophy led her to write more and more stories for a local newspaper to educate parents about the different educational systems available for children. She fell in love with every aspect of Montessori and wanted as many people as possible to learn about it.  She loved how Montessori transformed her son, herself and her whole family’s perspective about developing the ‘whole child.’  In 2004, she left New York and moved to Atlanta. It is here that she got her start working in Montessori environments.  She worked in various schools in Atlanta, from 2006-2010, as a Montessori Assistant.  She took the Primary Training at the Montessori Institute of Atlanta now known as The Internationale Montessori Institute of Atlanta under the training of Joen Bettman and received her (AMI) Primary Certification in May 2012. In 2014, she received her Master of Education from Loyola University with an emphasis in Montessori education. Since becoming a Montessori Teacher her experience spans from being an Elementary Montessori guide, Toddler Montessori Guide and Primary Guide.  

Angelica's desire to follow the guidance of Amos Wilson and Asa Hillard (both champions for Montessori education) has lead her to the profound belief that children have a natural genius that just needs to be nurtured in order for the child to reach their highest potential.


Mariyama Ajamu

Founding Teacher Leader and Primary Guide

Mariyama Ajamu, is a native of California. As a youth she was very active in her community. Her first job
was that of teaching young children how to read. At that time, she was in middle school, and worked
with a stalwart, Mrs. Wilkes, an African American, who developed this community program. It provided
jobs for youth and gave young children a head-start before entry in schools. The focus was the teaching
of phonetics, the ability to read and exhibit strong reading skills.
She graduated from San Jose University and San Francisco State University, receiving a B.S., in Business,
and a master’s in education. She developed a strong interest in the pedagogue of Maria Montessori,
whose focus was with the under-privilege and the development of the whole child, so she pursued and
completed her intensive training, at Bennet Park Montessori, in Buffalo NY.
Her passion and desire are not only to work with young children but includes her lifelong dream of
creating an environment that will continue to awaken the genius in every child she touches.

Our Staff


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a dynamic seat of change, trailblazers and innovators that honor how our children are educated.
Sadula Rose Montessori School provides families with an innovative, accessible, nurturing, culturally inclusive Montessori education in a neighborhood micro-school setting where children will naturally learn, flourish, and rise to their highest potential.

Our Board


Vonetta T. Rhodes, M.ED.



Devanshi Desai


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